20% of the artists' net proceeds will be donated to The Pad Project. The Pad Project was started in 2013 by a youth-driven community of students and educators, focusing on expunging the stigma surrounding menstruation and enabling women to pursue education and opportunity without the barrier of cost. 1 in 5 teens in the United States struggles or is unable to afford period products. Research shows that when these products are not available, school attendance declines, and education suffers. Covid-19 only heightened this problem. ⅓ of US women report that they have struggled to purchase feminine hygiene during the pandemic. Many students rely on schools for their menstrual products and roughly 90% of children have been out of school at some point during the pandemic, leading to dire consequences for the distribution of menstrual products. Through our partnership, Goodz hopes to help break down the barrier to education that is created by menstruation and a lack of access to necessary resources.

To read more on The Pad Project, visit their website. In addition, watch Period. End of Sentence, the Oscar award-winning film available on Netflix and Youtube. The documentary short tells the story of a quiet revolution that started by a few brave women in a small village outside Delhi, India. The women lacked access to menstrual care, which resulted in health problems and frequent absence from school. They learned to work a sanitary pad machine and began mass-producing pads to gift every woman equal opportunity. The pads are named ‘FLY’ because they give the women the ‘ability to soar.’ We hope our contributions will allow more women to soar.