Tabby Sneakers

Each pair of Amanda Tabet's sneakers is hand-painted with love.  They aim to be as unique as their wearers. What began as a simple gift idea blossomed into a passion for transforming sneakers into art. With the goal of expanding her designs to represent social and political issues, Amanda plans to update her merchandise on a frequent basis. She is incredibly excited about the opportunity to contribute to Goodz and help grant equal access to women across the globe.

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Fruit D'Azur

Carla Decombes has always loved designing jewelry, particularly earrings. During quarantine, she seized upon this free time to start making her creations with Fruit D’Azur. She has been designing a variety of products and making them in her bedroom in Paris. So far, her products have been sent around the world from South Korea to Italy to the US. With the founding of Goodz, she hopes to pursue what she loves in the service of helping other women.

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Tie-dye is back in style, and Stella Gray is the self-proclaimed queen. She sold over 900 articles of clothing through her initiative Tie Dye for Good, a not-for-profit that supported the brave healthcare workers at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. Over the course of a few months, she raised over $50,000 for their Covid-19 Relief Fund. With the founding of Goodz, she hopes to curate stylish, hand-crafted wares and continue to spread good in the world.

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Nyla's Masks

Nyla Gilstrap believes masks offer a unique vehicle for self-expression and an important way to convey support for a social cause. Passionate about painting from a young age, she is extremely excited about the opportunity to share her work outside of her circle of close family and friends. Nyla is looking to create new designs influenced by the advocacy playing out in the world around her and hopes that through GØØDZ, she can aid the fight to end period poverty.

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Record Land

Every record at Record Land is handmade by the artist Cate Ghirardini. Cate has been passionate about art her entire life and has been reimagining records as canvases for the past 2 years. She brings her love for collage and fluid painting together to create beautiful pieces that are perfect for any space. Every piece is completely unique and Cate plans to release new designs frequently. Cate loves the idea of helping women through the Pad Project and hopes to sell many pieces on GØØDZ to help women everywhere. She says of the mission, “Women are dope—they are just the coolest and most beautifully  badass beings ever. My records always show women because we are beautiful and should be celebrated.”

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SC Embroidery

Summer Crown and Siena Craigie started embroidering as a relaxing past time. They started by making college gear for their friends, and then more and more people started requesting custom designs. Two years later, they've established a small business and come up with dozens of original designs. They've donated a large portion of profits to the Loveland Foundation, Fuel Our Heroes, and the Black Lives Matter Movement. SC Embroidery cannot wait to be apart of GØØDZ Boutique to continue helping women around the world.

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STELLA Ceramics

Stella Feder fell in love with ceramics in high school. Ever since then, she has studied throwing and hand building techniques at various studios around the United States, including Greenwich House Pottery, Anderson Ranch, and the Allston Harvard Ceramics Studio. She hopes that through her contribution to GØØDZ, she can empower other women and share her passion for pottery.

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Touch Not This Cat

Cary Moore has literally been drawing since she could walk. 20 years of artistic exploration have now culminated in Touch Not This Cat, an up-and-coming boutique brand made up of wildly fun prints and vivacious colors. Cary’s process is simple: choose a theme and then draw its world. Touch Not This Cat’s first collection offers a unique spin on the Wild West, featuring cow girls in unexpected places. In the coming weeks, Cary will introduce several new collections, as well as t-shirts and tote bags. Cary strongly believes that every woman in the world should have access to menstrual products, and she is particularly happy to contribute to this end in partnership with other woman designers.

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Meurkens Photography

Joana Meurkens is a Brazilian and German film photographer born and raised in New York City. Her photography reflects the world that she inhabits while celebrating the beauty of everyday life. She is also the Artistic Director of Mixed Mag, a multimedia magazine created to uplift BIPOC creatives. Joana is proud to be working with an organization that helps girls get access to menstrual products so that they can continue to grow and learn in a world that makes it hard to do so.

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StudioSophiaSophia is a color and earring enthusiast who makes jewelry that is not for wallflowers. Her handcrafted statement pieces are known for their unapologetic use of loud color and bold shape which can be viewed as wearable small sculptures meant for starting conversations. She considers each and every one of her pieces a work of art, drawing inspiration from her impressive collection of patterned garments, freshly cut citrus fruit, Memphis Design, 60’s modernist jewelry, summer memories, rainbow makers, CocoRosie, trolls, nail polish, homemade haircuts, mobiles, contemporary fashion design, Alice Neel paintings, Kraft mac and cheese and most importantly, color. She is dedicated to championing the fight against period poverty.

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Almeera Denim

Hailing from Istanbul, Alara Degirmenci is inspired by the power clothes can have to tell your story to the world as a form of self-expression. Combining her love for painting, art, and fashion, she brings famous art pieces to life by hand-painting them on denim jeans and jackets. Through Almeera Denim, she marries art with fashion using denim as her canvas to create pieces that empowers individuals to express themselves freely through unique style. Alara is thrilled to be a part of the uplifting GØØDZ artist community and hopes to use her art to help fight period poverty across the world.

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Minty Makes

Minty Makes is all about, handcrafted, joyful, unique pieces made slowly and with love for everyone! Minty Makes was made to create smile-sparking objects you can use everyday, from statement handbags to practical, but fabulous, cardholders. Minty Makes brings fun to your wardrobe - but also a useful place to keep your keys, money and phone. We never follow trends, we follow you! Minty Makes is so thrilled to be supporting the Pad Project and championing the fight for women’s rights around the world. Minty Makes is all about wit and glam - we hope you like it here and want to join in the fun because we would love to have you!

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With the help of a small birdie, Serena Sen has been painting on pants since last spring when her college campus in Maine sent students home. She spent the first few weeks of quarantine oil painting in her garage until she decided to switch from canvases to Dickies pants. Through Election Day she had been making pants on the weekends while working full-time for the Working Families Party, as justice work has always taken the lead. She is looking forward to working with Goodz in order to both do what she loves and to contribute to the fight against period poverty.

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Talking to Plants

Talking to Plants is a streetwear brand for the optimistically delusional, founded by Olivia Marwell in October 2020. Rooted in principles of surrealism, Talking To Plants products feature hand-drawn graphics that explore the irrationality of the unconscious mind. Despite the brand’s fine art influences, the ethos of streetwear is fundamental to Talking To Plant’s identity. Like streetwear, the impulses and art expressed by Talking to Plants are unable to be coherently defined. Yes, Talking To Plants is a clothing brand, but really it is just a thought about the expanses of the human imagination.

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Arden Yum rediscovered her love for watercolors during quarantine and started creating vibrant, abstract paintings and little illustrations. She also founded The Peahce Project in 2019, an online platform that aims to celebrate Asian identity through media, which released eight different sticker designs in 2020 to raise money for The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Womankind, and Welcome to Chinatown. Arden is so excited to join the coalition of women at Goodz because she is passionate about connecting art to social change.

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RMADETHAT are one of a kind pieces of clothing with unique graphic art created by Ryan Reiss. Each graphic playfully interacts with the garment it has been paired with it to create a moving story through clothing. Ryan creates apparel as well as jewelry and digital prints. Ryan is a graduate of The University of Michigan Penny Stamps School or Art, and is currently living in New York City where she focuses on documentary photography and apparel design.


Loved Vintage Design

Alexandra Cooper transforms vintage, designer accessories into new and wearable jewelry. Rather than letting unwanted or partly damaged vintage accessories go to waste, Loved Vintage Design uses them to make jewelry that is both chic, and sustainable. Instead of producing more and adding to the fashion industry’s carbon footprint, Loved Vintage Design recycles or upcycles preexisting materials. Each piece is handmade, and one of a kind. Loved Vintage Design is excited by the shared mission to champion the fight against period poverty. 

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Shulian Nell had never dreamed of finding a passion in jewelry. Growing up in NYC she attended art school for both studio art and photography, but never explored jewelry making until late 2020. She first started making tiny illustrations as a quarantine past-time, but soon wanted to transition to a medium in which her drawings could be worn. That was when her close friend recommended shrink plastic and soon she started selling her handmade charms for jewelry makers to use. Starting out 2021, she is now branching out and wanting to make her very own necklaces. Shulian is passionate about supporting the Pad Project and helping women around the world. 

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Bead Tings

What started as a simple boredom craft to pass time during quarantine has blossomed into a wonderful passion for Emma. Emma has always loved crafting and rarely has her hands empty of glue, yarn, beads, or stickers. With an excitement for adding color and light to anything and everything, Emma loves seeing every day items like a mask or phone brightened with a pop of color in an additional accessory. Emma is honored, not only to bring joy to others through her art, but also to be able to make a difference through the partnership with Goodz & the Pad Project dedicated to supporting and empowering women across the world.

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Lily Campbell has been known as the girl behind the camera for as long as she can remember. Lily’s favorite part of taking photos is capturing emotion and candid moments that encompass the beauty of life’s small moments. While she specializes in portrait and landscape photography, she has slowly begun dipping her toes into the world of mixed-media art. A fierce believer in period de-stigmatization and working to end period poverty, Lily couldn’t be more excited to share her art while also uplifting women. 

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Creature Comforts

Samantha Kany has always been passionate about animals and art. During quarantine, she focused her time on creating hand-embroidered and painted clothing highlighting the beauty of different endangered animals. Her clothing initiative, Creature Comforts, aims to educate and inspire action towards wildlife conservation, and has raised money for conservation initiatives for over 30 different endangered animal species. At the request of some of her clients, she has broadened her scope to include customized pet portraits and artistic appreciations of the female form—in all shapes and sizes. She is thrilled to contribute to Goodz, where she hopes to continue to share her passions and to engage and excite a larger audience.

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Gray's Crochet

Helena has always loved arts and crafts. She and her sister would spend every summer with her grandma exploring every craft imaginable. During the pandemic she was reintroduced to her love of arts. She picked up her crochet needles and began making blankets again. Pretty soon blankets morphed into crop tops and who knows what is next. She is excited to join the GØØDZ family and contribute to The Pad Project. She is passionate about supporting women in their fight against menstrual inequity. 

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Fired Joy

Robin Schachtel took a ceramics class in 2016 because a friend had a gift certificate, and she hasn’t stopped learning, making and creating since then. She loves the challenge of working through the techniques of throwing clay on the wheel as well as hand building, coupled with creating her own work and seeing it through to its fired form. Ceramics continues to help Robin through the uncertainties in the world today and she is delighted to be working with GØØDZ to support the PAD project.

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Christine Mai Nguyen is the Los Angeles based ceramist behind Ceramrap. She started her craft in 2018 as a casual hobby. She is now often stocked at MOCA and Virgil Normal and has created collaborations with brands like GANNI. She is excited to work with GØØDZ and help women around the world in the process.  

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